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BDC 2013 Strategic Planning Review Session

2013 Business Development Corporation of Vernon

Board and Staff Strategic Planning Review

 December 18, 2013 7:00AM

BDC Offices

Vernon, Texas






I.                BDC Board & staff will review strategies and goalsidentified during its
Strategic Planning Session and throughout the past year

II.              Discussion of Desired Goals/Outcomes and Expectations

a.      Measureof completion

                                                             i.     External/Community Goals and Objectivesfor the BDC

1.     LocalSmall Business Assistance (Take Care of Existing)

2.     BDCRole

3.     Programs/Servicesto be Offered by BDC to Local Small

a.      SBDCRelationship

b.     VernonCollege and MSU Partnership(s)

c.      Newlocal initiative

4.     Goalsand Objectives

5.     ExpectedOutcomes and Timeframes


                                                           ii.     Entrepreneurial Development (Grow YourOwn)

1.     BDCRole/Interest Level

2.     VernonCollege/MSU Relationships

3.     Programsand Services to be Offered by BDC

a.      SBDCPartnership

b.     VernonCollege and MSU Partnership(s)

4.     Goalsand Objectives

5.     ExpectedOutcomes and Timeframes


                                                          iii.     Marketing Material and Efforts

1.     Revisionof BDC Marketing Materials

2.     WebsiteUpdate


                                                         iv.     Internal/OrganizationalGoals/Objectives/Issues

1.     Developmentof Staff Employee Handbook

a.      Need(s)Identified

b.     Subjectsto be Covered

c.      CorporatePolicies that need reviewed/Updated

d.     StaffRoles and Responsibilities

                                                                                                                         i.     CEO

                                                                                                                       ii.     AdministrativeAssistant

                                                                                                                     iii.     FrontDesk Receptionist


b.     Realisticoutcomes based on budget and staff (above)

c.      Identifyand prioritize recent and forthcoming needs/goals/issues



Posted: 12/13/13


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