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BDC Regular Meeting Agenda - June 24, 2014

                                               Business DevelopmentCorporation of Vernon

                                  Regular Meeting –June 24, 2014- 7:00am

Business Development Corporationof Vernon Office

1724 Pease Street

Vernon, Texas   76384




1.         CallTo Order.


2.         Public Comment.  Hear Citizen Comments with a limitation of FiveMinutes.  (Citizens wishing

            to comment must complete the provided form and hand it to the Secretary before the

            start of the meeting.)


3.         Approval of Minutes for the Regular Meetingof May 21, 2014.


4.         Acceptance of Financial Report for May2014.


5.         Open Session: Projects Update: CoysDiscount Foods, Fikes Wholesale Company

            LLC/CEFCO and the Vernon Plaza Theater.


6.         Open Session: Discuss and consideraction regarding Texas Infrastructure Now

            Resolution supporting Proposition 1.


7.         Open Session: Hear assistance requestfrom Wilbarger General Hospital-Wilbarger General

            Hospital Board Member.


8.         Executive Session:  Texas Government Code Subchapter D., Section551.087 Deliberations

            Regarding Economic Development Negotiations – WilbargerGeneral Hospital.


9.         Open Session: Discuss and consideraction regarding Executive Session: Texas Government

            Code Subchapter D. Section551.087 Deliberation Regarding Economic Development

            Negotiations–WilbargerGeneral Hospital.


10.       Office & Management Report.


11.       Adjournment.




Posted: 6/20/14


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